Working with Plum Guide

Working with a new client is something I always look forward to. It’s a new and exciting challenge, as all clients differ in their photographic requirements.

Plum Guide is no different in that respect. They are very exacting in their requirements from photographers. In their own words – Restaurants have the Michelin Star. Books have the New York Times Bestseller List. Vacation homes have the Plum Award.

And I am now one of their photographers, servicing Cornwall for them – photographing stunning vacation properties.

Plum Guide require me to take photographs to their strict criteria (fail to do so, and the images will be rejected), and supply them with the raw images, so that they can process the images themselves. That in itself is quite unusual, as photographers like to process the images themselves – and I certainly do. However, given that processing of images can often take as long, if not longer than the photography session itself (most clients don’t realise this), removing this element actually frees me up for more photography.

Below, are images from one of the first properties I photographed for Plum Guide. A lovely old Methodist Chapel, in Hayle, that has been converted into four luxury holiday apartments – and this is obviously their processing of the images, not mine.

And a link to the properties, on the Plum Guide website. Golden Chapel, Doves in the Wind, From Eden, Awake My Soul