Drone photography

One of the most exciting developments in photography in the few years is the drone, and PR4Photos offers this service alongside our established land based photography services

Do you need aerial images of a new development or renovation? Or maybe you need images of an agricultural site

Aerial photography is unique in its ability to capture images that would not otherwise be possible to see from ground level. Having become an increasingly popular tool in the marketing arsenal of many different types of business, those who have opted to use this technology have gained a huge advantage over their competitors. Rather than simply using traditional photography to showcase products or projects, capturing images from this creative perspective can be used to wow prospective clients and also impress potential investors.

The use of drones for capturing aerial images has brought a dramatic decrease in cost from the high costs of hiring full-scale equipment such as helicopters, cranes, or scaffolding. Operating at a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft and eliminating huge fuel costs, the use of drones has enabled many businesses and projects where aerial photography would have previously been cost-prohibitive to access the benefits it can provide.

Are you a landowner that needs images of their agricultural land? Aerial images give a unique and very informative view that land based photography simply cannot match. 

Roof surveys, to look for damage now takes minutes with a drone, rather than waiting maybe weeks for very expensive scaffolding to be built, before putting a person on the roof.

Based in Truro, PR4Photos offers drone photography throughout Cornwall.

Paul is a qualified Commercial Drone Pilot, having obtained the UK CAA PfCo licence, and the CAA A2 Certificate of Competence (A2CofC)

To discuss your needs call Paul on 07783448552