What’s the point of ‘before and after’ photography?

One of my clients, Gloweth Ltd, recently posted on Facebook to show an example of what they can do with a dilapidated property. Their restoration work is second to none, and I am very proud to photograph their work for them.

When I first visited this property, situated in west Cornwall, I struggled to get through the undergrowth, and some of the buildings were in danger of collapse. But I could see there was potential. The owner and their architect obviously could see that potential too.

When I returned, the transformation was dramatic. Gone was the undergrowth that had choked the site. Gone were the dangers within the buildings. The main building had been sympathetically restored and improved, providing a fantastic living space, with repointed stonework, a new conservatory, and a contemporary interior. The outbuildings had been taken down and replaced with a wonderful timber framed workshop space.

So, back to the original question – What’s the point of ‘before and after’ photography?

For my clients, it showcases what they can do, and therefore provides images they can show to potential future clients. Photos have impact, and do more than any written description can do.

For the owners of the property, it provides an invaluable record of what has been done.

So, the next question is, do you need ‘before and after’ photography?

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