The benefit of having a unique business name

Having a unique business name has its advantages. If I do a Google image search for pr4photos, the only images that show up are images by me.

Recently I took a look, as it can be interesting to see where some my images are used. Very often I do a photoshoot, and that’s the last I see of the images. Some of my images are used locally – which I might spot, but very often the images are used nationally (or internationally), and given the nature of my work, a lot of images are shown in trade magazines, or internally by businesses. So, I don’t see them.

Today I had a look through the Google listed images, and spotted a link to ‘Hotelier & Hospitality Design Magazine’, where they have an article which uses my images. Yes, its from 2019, but that’s how long it’s been since I last had a look through. I wouldn’t have known about, or seen the article without the fact that I embed ‘pr4photos’ into the hidden image metadata, and that enables me to find images that have been used online.

Click image to see the article:

Oystercatcher Polzeath

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