Storm Ciara, from 2020

Looking back to last year, Storm Ciara hit Cornwall, and I decided to photograph it at high tide.
This image was taken at Portreath. It’s a spot that is very well known amongst photographers, but it’s not one that I had ever visited for photography before, in good weather or bad weather.
It was amazing to watch (and experience) the storm. The power of nature is awe inspiring. Even though I was quite a way back from the main waves breaking over the harbour walls I still managed to get a soaking, as a wave hit the wall in front of me, and sprayed up and over me. but luckily I saw it coming and turned away – the most important thing at that point was that my camera stayed dry!
I used a Panasonic G9, with a 35-100mm lens – equivalent to 70-200mm on a full frame camera, such as my Nikon’s. I then processed the image in Luminar.
The image was featured on the BBC ‘The One Show’, as well as the BBC social media channels.
The image is available to download and use here –
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