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Stock photography for clients

The work of a photographer can be extremely varied, and ultimately very rewarding. No two days are alike. And I like that. Last week I was asked to do some stock photography for Scottish Power. Client stock photography is quite different to my personal stock photography, which I take to generate additional income. Sometimes it’s looking for pretty pictures, and other times it’s purely recording what is on site, so that the photos can be referred to – very important when a head office is hundreds of miles away.

Whilst Scottish Power is based in Scotland, they have sites all over the country. They wanted images to show what they have on site – close up, and also from a distance. With such a large site, the ability to take aerial images, as well as ground based images, is something clients love, giving a totally different perspective to any location.

I have driven past this site many times over the years, but never been onto the site, so I found it fascinating to have that access, and see the site in it’s entirety – which is a lot larger than I had imagined.