Official portrait of the Mayor of Truro

This year, for the first time, I have taken the official portrait of the Mayor of Truro –  Councillor Steven Webb, being the current Mayor.

Many years ago I worked for a company called Cameracraft Photography, a family owned photography business, based in Truro, which had been operating in the area for decades – probably nearly one hundred years. They had the honour of being the official portrait photographer for the Mayors of Truro, and their framed portraits line the Mayors gallery in the Truro Municipal Building.

During my ten years working at Cameracraft I saw many of the official portraits, and indeed worked on restoring some of the much earlier portrait prints, that were showing signs of age related damage.

Fast forward to 2021, and with the owner of Cameracraft having now retired, I was delighted, honoured, and proud to be asked to carry on the tradition.

The Mayoral portrait has always been a very traditional affair, with the Mayor dressed in ceremonial regalia, dating back centuries. Remembering what the earlier portraits look like, I was keen to recreate that classical look. With that in mind, the interior of Truro Cathedral was chosen, as I wanted a subtle background in keeping with the regalia, not a modern, harsh, office. Two lights were used (both in umbrellas), one as a key light, and one as a fill/rim light. The background was allowed to go dark, to emphasise the subject.

I have taken and had photos published all around the world, and have photographed many very famous people,  but to know my portrait of the Mayor of Truro (the place of my birth) will be displayed for decades to come, is very special to me, as the majority of my photographic work is very transient.