New Archdeacon of Bodmin

The Ven Kelly Betteridge was licensed as the new Archdeacon of Bodmin at St Petroc’s Church in Bodmin on Sunday (May 23).

The service was heavily focused on children and young people in keeping with Kelly’s new role which will also see her lead intergenerational church in the diocese.

The service was a bright and musical affair with input from children and schools and brightly coloured artwork on display. Those attending had been asked to wear something red as yesterday was also Pentecost.

Kelly and her husband Simon are now settled in Bodmin and will soon be a familiar sight in the diocese.

Photographically, churches, are a real challenge, as they are very dimly lit. Eyes adjust very well to low light, but cameras struggle. With these type of events, very often I am taking photos from a distance, so as not to be intrusive. That means using a long zoom lens, and no flash. In the case of St Petroc’s church, that meant shooting at 4000iso, which for anyone that doesn’t know, it can result in dark, grainy images. The challenge is to create images that look good in these light levels. I use the latest Nikon mirrorless cameras, which enable me to capture the highest quality images. And because my cameras are mirrorless, you don’t get the loud shutter click, that older non mirrorless cameras have. So as well as being unseen, I can be virtually silent too! 

I have been photographing low light events for many years, and my clients know they can rely on me to stay in the shadows, and capture a flavour of the event perfectly. But also, when posed images are required, I have all the lighting equipment needed to quickly and efficiently take those photos too.