Business profile photography

Having a quality, professional profile photograph is very important. Whether it’s for a business website, advertising, or social media, your image is what people see. They may never meet you, so this could be the only impression they get of what you look like.

In the past, the traditional business portrait was taken against an artificial background, often white. But for the last few years the trend has been to move away from this quite often stark background, and use more natural backgrounds. This could be the workplace, outdoors, or indeed pretty much anywhere. The reasoning behind this is that it gives a softer, more approachable look to the person being photographed. 

This trend accelerated massively during the Covid lockdowns, as people were either working from home, rather than the office, or simply wanted to social distance whilst having their photo taken. Setting up a portrait session in an office became a no no. And therefore outdoor portraits became the norm, and to a large extent still is, as a lot of people still work from home.

This was a recent photoshoot I did for Coodes Solicitors. We utilised the local municipal gardens in Truro for the session, and I chose an area where  the subjects would be backlit by diffuse daylight, and that same backlighting shining through the green leaves provided a pleasing background. The subjects were lit from the front by a Godox flash, placed in a softbox, and placed six feet from the subjects. I used a Nikon Z7, with an 85mm f1.8 lens – a lens favoured by many portrait photographers for its ability to to throw the background completely out of focus, as is the case here.