Photographing food

What makes a good food photo?

A good food photo should look delicious. The colours and textures of the dish should be celebrated. If your mouth doesn’t water when looking at the photos, you did something wrong.

Knowing how to photograph food to get great results requires a specific knowledge of what works best and what looks terrible.

Natural window lighting is the preferred choice in food photography (an overcast day is even better). The soft, dispersed lighting given by window light casts very soft shadows and works beautifully with a lot of food photographs.

The use of a macro lens allows you to get in close and really pick up on the detail within the food you are photographing.

Controlling the depth of field concentrates the eyes of the viewer, and gives a lovely 3D feel and look to the images.

These images are from a recent photoshoot I did for Inn for Cornwall. They run three public houses in Cornwall. It was a very overcast, rainy day, but perfect for food photography. The Norway Inn offers large windows in their restaurant, and these were utilised for the photography. A 105mm macro lens got me in close, and a gold reflector brought a lovely warmth to the images.

If you are looking to have food photos taken, why not get in touch 🙂