Artwork Digitally Photographed

Are you an artist who needs their artwork photographed for reproduction, or maybe need a digital portfolio for gallery submission?

Do you need high-resolution images?

The following two images show a painting that has been photographed in four sections. The first image is the four initial photographs straight from the camera with no corrections, and the second image is the final image, having been stitched together, and fully colour corrected. The reason for photographing the painting in sections and stitching together is that the resulting final image is of much greater resolution than if the same painting was photographed in one capture.
For sculptures, and other three-dimensional items, the same principles are used, to ensure faithful reproduction of colour, but instead of flat, even lighting – essential for paintings – we use the lighting to bring out the shape and texture of the subject.
We supply you with perfectly colour balanced images, fully ICC profiled using a Gretagmacbeth SG colour checker to ensure faithful reproduction from your original. We are always happy to discuss your individual requirements with you – no obligation.